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Beware of "Enter-Exit" Scams


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I know this isn't a new topic for a lot of traders in the community, especially for high tier trades, but I just wanted to make a blanket statement for those who may not know:

Beware of buyers who insist on doing direct cash trades!

Marketplace.tf offers their service for a reason: If an item is sold and approved through their fraud protection, then the seller is protected. 

The reason I post this today is because (without saying names) I had someone add me in regards to a large purchase on Marketplace.tf.
Got it all listed and ready to go, when the buyer told me there was an error on their end with Marketplace. Fair enough, errors do occur...
Didn't think much of it until they asked me if I could sell my hat on eBay. (lol)

I know that would recognize that as fishy... and I'm sure a lot of you guys would too. 
BUT, new hats get unboxed daily, and some people dont know about the ins and outs of sales.

For those unaware how the scam works, it basically goes down one of two ways:
1) Scammer goes first, and purchases the hat through direct means, (Generally via PayPal, but could be any direct payment) and then, makes a claim through PayPal and gets a chargeback* for their money, leaving the seller in the dust.
2) Seller goes first, and the scammer receives the item without payment. (They can then either straight up block you, or keep you on the ropes and claim there's an error on their side, while roping in other victims in the process.)

*(The chargeback generally happens MUCH later than the actual sale, meaning sellers could leave a positive rating on the buyers trust, gaining more and more sales with more and more trust from potential victims.)


This is not to say that ALL direct sales are scams! Many high tier trades have been done through PayPal, money wires, and bank transfers. It's not uncommon... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your research...


Point is, Be cautious. If you get a buyer who says they can't purchase off of a known, protected source, you might just have to question why that is...

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Pretty much a chargeback scam, not some new stuff in the air.

Usually paypal trades go through with people that have a lot of reputation, but even so this can be flawed to where someone can rack up positive rep and use that to steal thousands of dollars of items. This is why marketplace exist, the reason to receive funds safely while having the 10% tax is worth it.


TL:DR - Use mp.tf unless geel is out on a scamming spree

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as a ebay seller aswell you can mark the item as delivered and then they cannot charge back since ebay and paypal see it as no issue on the seller side, this tho is still risky as ebay cannot offer full protection IE returns etc 

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