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So i got back to tf2 after a long time and all the prices are crazy high for keys and items. I have 12 keys and i don't have any ideea on how to make profit, how to avoid scammers and stuff like that. Any helpful tips on how i can start trading and making profit out of it ?

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5 hours ago, 🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥 said:




tbh, don't trade for a while, just watch the market, what people want, hop on trade servers to check is there a demand for certain items, then focus on those items 

just like I did with painted items, i'm focusing on lime / pink / white / black items, because it's more demanded then other paints, and gives u much larger profit (for certain items)

there is a factor tho, painted items don't sell everyday, i'm getting a day a quite few trade offers but most of those are sell offers.

you can see in my backpack, how much painted stuff i got, it's adds up to 50+ keys in items

so, try to find a demand for certain items like skins, spells, prof.ks items, bulk unique stuff buys, etc.

build up, and invest in something crazy.

DON'T DO UNUSUAL TRADING, it's just boring if u have low inventory value(under 50-60 keys) i suggest you to stay away from that, and don't buy unusual quicksells, because u end up with a hard to sell cheap unusual no one wants.

(i builded up back in 2016 from 12 keys to a scorching fez [email protected] 70 keys, was duped, really hard to sell, i just dumped it to some guys for cheaper unusuals, lost like 20 keys, got in to skin trading and cashed out 200$ after a month)

good luck fam.

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