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Help pricing a Strange Unusual Missing Piece - Fragmented Quarks


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I've bought this from a buy order about a month ago on the Steam marketplace,

I've started to sell some things and only noticed this is a Strange Unusual with a pretty good effect.


But I'm not super knowledgeable with higher priced unusuals,

I usually just make Steam Wallet buying and selling cheaper unusuals.


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https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Missing Piece/Tradable/Craftable/137


NON-STRANGE one has a 2 month old price at 65 keys, but sellers from 53-60.


I'm not seeing any others that exist that are strange, though. I don't know much about how much value strange actually adds to unusual hats, someone else would know better than me for sure. It seems like on lower/mid tier hats it doesn't add much if anything I believe, but again could be wrong.

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