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Trading in current TF2


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 I've never really gotten into high tier trading, but as of recently I'm seriously considering getting into it. However, I have some questions regarding tf2's economy ( just came back from a 2 year break), and I thought "what better place to ask than the backpack.tf forum"?


- How has the game's economy changed since 2018?

- Is it still possible for low tier traders like myself to trade their way up?

- How and where can I sell tf2 items to make a profit?


Any help would be helpful to this noob!

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1.since 2018 .... um ... idk, i wasn´t here then

2. It´s VERY HARD ´cause o fbots and (of course) the crate depression making 3rd Gens basically worthless

3.If you believe in yourself, you can make profit anywhere... i guess, it didn´t work for me

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1. Top-tier unusuals are growing ever more rare and pricey, there seems to be no end to it. Bots are even more dominant than ever before at everything in the low-end market (<10 key items and items >10 keys with high stock such as australiums), and nowadays a lot more people that still actively trade are even more dead set on getting profit and squeezing every dime they can get out of people.

2. There isn't any trading you can do under 10 keys that gives meaningful profit anymore. Bots completely own and dominate virtually every market but skins, unusuals, and spelled items. Skins aren't that big of a market, so it can often times be difficult and very time consuming to sell skins for any decent profit. Unusual taunts are largely unwanted and hard to sell unless they're Kazotsky Kicks with Halloween effects. For trading and actually getting somewhere with it, the minimum you should start with is 10~12 pure keys, 14~16 is better, and 18~20 is ideal for starting.

3. The ideal way to go about it is to post your items on Backpack.tf, then periodically hop into TF2 Unusual trade servers (Vatican and Fire Powered tend to get 25-32 server pop almost all day. Though some people here have a serious hatred for both of them, I've never had any issues on them because I follow server rules like a decent fucking person.) and advertise what you're selling. If you want to deal with cash trades, Marketplace.tf is your best bet. NOT for selling, but for buying, you can very rarely find good deals on the Steam Community Market, I.E. finding spelled items for cheap or decent unusuals for relatively low prices. Problem is at this point everyone knows that and so you can guarantee there's some no-lifers watching for spelled items on the SCM 12 hours a day, so you'll have competition for doing that.

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