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TF2 items bug?

Medic Bot

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Few days ago, the 15th i received a dueling mini-game with 5 uses (my trade bot accepts only 5 uses ones), it have been accepted properly as it had 5 uses.



Today i noticed that i had many trade offers for the dueling mini-game and that my bot kept declining them, i investigated the situation and figured out that the dueling mini-game in question had only 3 uses instead of 5 (so my bot didn't know at wich price to sell a 3 uses dueling mini-game and kept declining).


I have checked the history of the item on backpack.tf and in fact it was the very same item:


Another weird detail is that my bot refreshes the backpack everytime it receives an item, to allow backpack.tf to know the id of it and therefore making possible to create a selling listing, how is it possible that the history have been updated only today (the 18th)?

I have checked if it was another dueling mini-game that i happened to trade with the same user and that by bot accidentally accepted even if it had 3 uses but no, it wasn't the case:


Obviously my bot doesn't launch tf2 and duel people 🤣 so there is no reason at all why i should receive a 5 uses dueling mini-game and it magically becomes a 3 uses one on its own.

Somebody have any idea on what the hell happened?

I ended up getting rid of the item by manually gifting it to the scrap.tf incinerator:


If you guys have any idea on how does this work or have experienced something like this, let me know, im curious!


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9 hours ago, Tasty Salamanders said:

Sounds odd, did you try checking your inventory history? That shows changes made to your items, not just trades: https://steamcommunity.com/my/inventoryhistory/?app[]=440

I have checked and no, the only time a dueling mini-game shows in the history after obtaining it in a trade is when i gifted it to scrap.tf incinerator, no other occurrences in between.


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I know I'm necro-posting here, but I just wanted to add that the exact same thing just happened to my trading bot, recently.  The circumstances are nearly identical.  


Somehow a single use Dueling Mini-Game snuck past the check for 5 uses.  I've always had the check turned on, and when I went to test, it was working as intended.


Looking at the trade history for the DMG it was in the possession of trade bot on Sept 12.   Since then, only 2 users have traded DMG to me, one of which has a private backpack.


The trade history for those trades show that the ones traded to me all showing 5 uses, so it appears that someone has figured out a way to spoof the amount of uses to the steam trading system.


I've taken the liberty to block those 2 users that traded DMG to me during that time frame so it doesn't happen from those accounts again.



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