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Hello! We are currently holding a competition for who can make the best logo for our site https://quicksell.store/ If you are interested, read all the info below. 


What are the requirements for the logo?
- It should fit the current design of the site. You can check this fairly easily by putting your logo on top of a screenshot of the site.
- There should be a square variant. The main logo design doesn't need to be square, but there should be a square version for use in the discord and as the favicon.
- It should be original work. Don't just copy an existing logo and alter it slightly.


The winner can choose any unusual from the site worth up to 20 keys as their prize. Winning the competition does not guarantee we will use your logo.
The competition ends in 10 days time, on 23 March. Results will be announced shortly after that.


Submit your logo to our discord https://discord.gg/cPRHdDn to the #logo-english channel, send a DM to @zol#2223 or email [email protected]
If you have any artistic friends feel free to tell them about this competition!

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