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TF2 Killstreak Tier Lists


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What are the tier lists for Professional Killstreaks and Specialaized Killstreaks? If someone is willing to do extra work, also which is generally more expensive than others.7b4.png


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High/Top: Fire Horns

Middle: Everything else

Low/Bottom: Hypno Beam

(Pretty much everything but Fire Horns and Hypno Beam can fall anywhere on a "tier list" based on personal opinion. Typically FH fetches the highest prices and is the most sought after while Hypno Beam is the lowest price and the least sought after.)



High/Top: Team Shine

Middle: Manndarin, Daffodil, Hot Rod, Emerald

Low/bottom: Violet, Mean Green

(Everything but Team Shine is typically just up to personal preference, and generally people don't care about sheens unless trying to get a sheen that matches their unusuals or loadout color scheme. Team Shine is only "top" because team colors go with everything and most people really prefer the changing colors over a single static color.)


Most of the time prices aren't going to be much different, since usually people don't really care to try that hard to get an extra key off a slightly better killstreaker or effect. You only really see things with Fire Horns and/or Team Shine being higher price, and FH+TS together being significantly higher price.

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