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State of tf2


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Sorry to bother.

If you would be able to take a quick read and spread this to anyone and get people on this. I saw swipez's video and im not a fan of swipez himself but i agree with the video so i dropped that here. if you have not see it, if you could look at that too along side the thread, that would be great. I have a little shred of hope left for this game and the state that its in at the moment.

i just want to see if we can get enough people to submit a bug report through tf2 to valve about the state of the game and to spread this thread and the video to multiple platforms etc to get more people involved in trying to get valve to see whats up. Maybe if enough bug reports are sent through, Valve will eventually take action. Just attempting to help is all. :c

https://youtu.be/uwo-0FLaHXU --------Swipez's Video



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