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Trust on backpack.tf


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Although I should just wait, usually backpack.tf staff would have done something by now and I thought it would just be faster doing something here (no offense to the staff of course I bet you guys get hundreds of reports everyday) anyhow.

I recently received a -Trust on my backpack.tf profile from a User who had sent me a trade stating "Will pay 9k" with a unique warriors spirit in the trade for my Smoking chieftains challenge (I can grab screenshots of this if needbe) so I, obviously, left a -trust on this users backpack profile, but he in retaliation had also left one on mine stating the below message, which has been up for over 5 days. I know this probably is not the place to post this, but I couldn't see any dedicated appeal area for situations like these, once again if needbe I can bring up unedited screenshots and show you the trade this user had sent me.


Hope you all have a great rest of your day/night!

 Chris | Alt+F4 left feedback 5 days ago

Is reporting me for no reason, I was advertising my 9k for his unusually and he just goes pussy mode and report’s Me just because I didn’t put 9keys in a Offer, how pathetic

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We did not stop looking into reports - we never will, its just that staff are busy.  Every pending ones will be cleared soon apologies for the delay

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