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Need help finding old item


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Hello I'll try to keep it short but if you want to skip to the question I'll highlight it

so it's been 7 years since i got my first hat and became p2p 

I'm pretty sure it was Prince Tavish's Crown

and i guess i traded it at some point

Now after all this time it would mean a lot to me to get it back cause u know nostalgy and stuff 

I know a lot could happen in 7 years 

it could be crafted into something or destroyed for some reason or just ended up in some private bp of someone who forgot password 

but if im really really lucky and after all this time it still sits in someone's inventory 

I was wondering if there's a way to checking my bp history to find that item and then check who currently owns it? I know this website stores trade history of items but i don't know how to check for this stuff 

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