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How to run a tf2-automatic trade bot on a Phone or tablet

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1. The phone or tablet has to be Android. Rooted phone is preffered (easier to get shared secret n stuff).

2. Download Termux (basicly a terminal that runs a fakeroot linux on your phone or tablet).

2.1. Download AnLinux if you want easy copypastes to setup a linux in the termux.

3. Get these packages  and their dependencies: npm, nodejs8 or higher, typescript 3.7 or higher, git

4. Do the stuff required to set up the bot https://github.com/Nicklason/tf2-automatic.


Rooted phone file manager makes it easy to change the files in the git clone. But if you don't have rooted phone you are stuck with terminal editing kek.


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GL running a websocket on a mobile device. When you swap networks (data to wifi etc.) Its gotta retry its connection which sounds kinda iffy tbh. I mean yea it would work but it would have horrible latency if ur anywhere not on a wifi network. 


(Also public networks are prone to people packet sniffing soo yea theres that)


Fun idea to try out but i would definatley reccomend running a cloud instance or dedicating a raspberry pi to ur bot for more security and reliability. 


Alternatively be insane and invest a metric fuckload of money into an oracle x8-2 cluster and run an effective army of bots. (Aka be geel on steroids lol)

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4 hours ago, D.Alex said:

IMHO the idea is to run this on a spare old phone that's plugged in all the time 
so I'm not sure how relevant are the comments about mobile data or battery.

That use case would work perfectly for this tbh.

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On 4/2/2020 at 2:26 PM, MsFloofie said:

Why not use a Raspberry Pi? 


Or if you're feeling extra spunky (or want to run some other cool stuff on the side)




AWS Free Tier also means you can try it out for a full year for free

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