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4000 key collector hijacked! RUZAEL

Earl Clean

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https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198066815050 or otherwise known as Ruzael who had a dog in his profile picture has been hijacked. https://imgur.com/a/y9MseEm is what he texted me when i woke up and was also texting others such as Master M. I check his inventory and he still had his items but later the bot got taken over by the human scammer and unadded me and changed the profile. Their profile is private now but backpack tf still says the items are in the history. I just hope he doesn't get all the stuff he has scammed he also bought everything that he has in his backpack and he really loved a lot of his hats it took a while for him to get.


THE REASON I MADE THIS IS IF ANYONE HAS OTHER COMMUNICATION WITH RUZAEL AND COULD TELL THEM THEY GOT HIJACKED AND THEY SHOULD LOCK THEIR ACOUNT, CHANGE THE PASSWORD, AND IF THE SCAMMER CHANGED THE PASSWORD, and SEND A TICKET TO STEAM SUPPORT. This is happened to my irl friend before and he was able to get his account back even tho his account was changed with mobile authentication and password.


It will be sad to see a pan, Halloweens, hours, and more lost. Again, if anyone could tell them through something other than steam if you have any sort of communication, please do. Thank you.

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Rip We used to talk a lot. He has discord and im sure he is in bp discord, maybe someone can get in contact with him through there.
Plus he can get his account back very easly he just needs to contact steam support.

Similar case happened with Tony Baretta. oh well

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