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[RESOLVED] Strange (FN/MW) Stickybomb Launcher: What skins?

Lightning Gunne

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I really ought to thank you guys for all the cosmetic and weapon skin advice you've given me ever since I started posting on these forums. I don't know where my sense of fashion would be without you guys...


But I'm afraid I'm not done. For my Demoman cosmetic loadout, I've settled on the Bolted Bicorne, the Whatever-style Bearded Bombardier (was dissuaded from the Bolted Bombardier from my brother, who suggested that, if I was going to get a beard, I should get the OG) and the Mann of the Seven Sees: https://gyazo.com/f4451a0c8bc0deb3f08f09643cedc89f (using Gyazo again because of that damn max total upload size limit)

And with my cosmetics settled, it's time for me to get the ultimate Strange Stickybomb Launcher skin. You know, kinda like what I've been doing with my Minigun, Tomislav and (more recently) Soda Popper. So yeah, you probably know the drill by now: which skins look good/the best with my current displayed loadout?

Once again, thanks for your input!

[Side note: I intend to use this Stickybomb Launcher in both PvP and MvM, and right now the Strange Parts I'm thinking of putting on it are Dominations (for PvP) and Robots Destroyed and Giants Destroyed (both for MvM). If you guys think I should replace any of the Parts with any other Parts, just feel free to let me know.]

Edit: I've decided to get a FT Damascus & Mahogany Stickybomb Launcher off the SCM. Thanks, everyone, for your input!

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I have three picks: Kill Covered, Coffin Nail, and Damascus & Mahogany. D&M, like DRIFTA said, looks very similar to old-timey weaponry and, IMO, is one of few skins that actually looks cool in something other than FN. One of my favorite D&M skins is a Strange Battle Scarred Loose Cannon. Kill Covered goes extremely well with the pirate theme, and is also one of few skins that looks cool in wears other than FN. Coffin Nail fits the smoking theme  with the pipe, and also looks cool in lower-than-FN wears because Coffin Nail is of the few skins to have custom wear textures, so it starts looking used as the amount of wear increases & firey embers start showing up on the barrel.


And, if you really have the money to shell out, you could get a Strange Dead Reckoner Mk.II sticky. It'll cost you, though. Like, a lot! It'll easily cost $600+. And you also have to track down the owner of it.

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If your into a different black skin, try leopard printed/tiger buffed.  I have a strange fn half black leopard printed war paint on marketplace dot tf that can could check out and inspect.  Otherwise if your into macaw masked, get solid colours.  Would be expensive if strange fn/mw.

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