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[RESOLVED] Matching colors?

Lightning Gunne

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A continuation of this discussion: 

Turns out Strange Soda Popper skins are in really short supply (and I don't really want to buy an expensive Strange War Paint just to turn it into a Soda Popper), but I found some Nutcracker Mk. II ones on the SCM and decided to combine them with a Muskelmannbraun-painted loadout: https://gyazo.com/2a7f67210bc5c11357f3f0fb00d44bfc (using Gyazo to bypass the max total file size rule).

Is this the right paint color to go with my skin, or is there a better one?


Sorry for the spam. Thanks for your input!

Edit: I showed this in a Discord server and the first response I got was "why is scout covered in poop" and he wouldn't shut up about it. Gonna need you guys to back me up on this one. Sorry.

Edit 2: Fuck this. I'm doing it. Thanks for the help though.

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11 minutes ago, goon said:


I was actually going more for a gravelly feel. You know the whole deal with the Mann Brothers and gravel.

That, and I just kinda like the Nutcracker Mk. II skins.

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