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TF2 Drawing Commissions


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Title, and new post since i keep forgetting to change my old one, so i'm gonna lock that one


MY STEAM PROFILE  -  please make sure to leave a comment before adding, as i get scammers on a daily basis.

You can also find even more examples of my work there!


--- PRICES :

  • Headshot : 6 keys / USD$15
  • Bust : 8 keys / USD$20
  • Full Body : 10 keys / USD$25


--- INFO

  • Extra character : half the price paid
  • The piece is always fully colored,ask for extra stuff like war paints 
  • The payment is done after you are satisfied with the sketch or after the piece is done
  • You are free to ask for changes or to add details even after the piece is done
  • I might post your piece (with a watermark on top) on social media to promote my work, if you are against this, tell me so





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8 hours ago, fenfen said:

Your art is heccin gorgeous 😍. Not to be a furfag or anything but if you ever wanna draw like, fursonas, hmu I'd be willing to pay lol


Thank you ! yes i do draw furs as well 0 : - ) feel free to add me

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