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Fires in Australia

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1500+ homes gone now

25,000+ Koalas estimated to be dead after the Kangaroo Island fires



Also our PM is a fuckhead




Our firefighters are dying from their trucks tipping over from the ghastly winds that are spreading the fires, and people and animals are dying from the fires themselves.


Our Prime Minister went to Hawaii for 2 weeks while the fires were blazing, cause why not?.... /s


Then did shit all to help, finally pledging like 10M to help, but its not enough, we lost more than that already in infrastructure, aand our PM is just on the news like "dont worry, Australia is the best country to be born in and I'm grateful to have kids here'







Please help our Fire Brigade in Australia!




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Very happy to see lots of people around the world donating to the facebook one as well



It was originally 5, then 10, then 20 million, now the new goal is 35 million and it's almost hit! Thankyou to everyone around the world but we still need to keep raising money as much as we can! We've lost over 100M in infrastructure, as well as homes, people, animals and etc. The problem with the facebook one as well is that it can take up to 90 days from the fundraiser at the end of each month, so it is preferable if you can donate to RFS instead, and if not RFS, red cross. Thankyou for anyone who will help


If you want to donate virtual items to donate, I can probably take those and sell them on marketplace and use them to donate to my local fire brigade, but that is solely up to you if you don't have a way of donating with cash. Thankyou to anyone who donates anything!

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