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Reasoning for my discord ban.


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A few people have questioned where I have gone so ima just do a small reply here.


Due to the new "toxic ban" ordeal, I was banned due to having a custom status that said "Gas All Furries" or something to that regard. While the rule was still new I was contacted by a community mod (scooter) in with his intentions to get me to change my status.

(quick note, this was my first ever warning, not even a mute in the past and I received a perm ban)


At this time the rule was within an hour of its creation (written by someone whos main language is not english) so I still did not understand all the areas that "toxic" fell into. Yes my status is "toxic" but at the same time its my view, at the same time the status has been up for the entirety of the custom statuses at that without problem so I did not think much of it. When scooter contacted me with hopes of me changing the status, he asked as if it was a question to if I would be willing to. I did not want to change it as I saw nothing wrong with it. Poof, right after that response I was banned, no warning within scooter's text that I need to change it or risk the ban. Yes its my fault for not being willing to change my status and I understand that. I am not looking for anything, this is just a simple response to what went down and why im no longer there.


For all users within the bp discord still, heed my warning that you will be banned without warning if someone disagrees with your views now. It does not matter if you have a valid opinion or not, its the admins who decide if they like what they hear. 


- Vince


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Why did the mod not tell you the new rule and the consequences? That is actually unfair since he gave a permanent ban since you mentioned that you have never received a warning or mute in the past. This is a small matter to give a permanent ban. It does hurt others when you say stupid things like that and it's good that you take responsibility for it but a permanent ban for being toxic once with no past mutes/ban seems unfair. I can only say so much but this is prolly not the place to say it out. You will have to make an appeal. I did the same mistake in the discord by calling someone 'big g*y' as a joke but was given a mute for a few days. I made an appeal stating that i was not aware that saying that insult was not a good thing. The admin then came to a decision to lift my ban.


If the mod still feels you need to be punished, a durational ban should be given since its only under the reason of 'being toxic'

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This is really not the place for this. If you want to appeal, you should make one. If people ask you where you've gone, you can answer them as they ask. 

As for the points you are making:
- Teeny's first language is in fact English; she wrote the rule.


- I can't really judge because I cannot see how it was asked, but a moderator asking you not to do something with regards to site policy and you refusing is pretty much saying you do not wish to follow the rules. I don't see why then banning you is a problem; you're knowingly breaking the rules - as an analogy, the site also bans for knowingly trading with scammers in a similar fashion.


- I don't really understand why you're trying to defend yourself the way you do here. From certain things I could understand you'd simply view it as your own opinion, but I fail to see why you're trying to pass off "we should murder everyone that likes specific things" as a "valid opinion". This goes a lot further than "disagreeing with your point of view". If that is truly your opinion, you should indeed probably not be on an online gaming community full of young people.

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Adding to what fomay said above. Forums is not the place to do this. If you want to get back into the discord community make a ban appeal and it will be looked into. 
I am locking this thread to avoid unnecessary arguments / comments. 

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