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Rarest most expensive unusual skin ever?


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22 minutes ago, Captain said:

The most expensive one ive seen is a strange cool cosmic calamity war paint on steam market

he wasn't referring on steam market only and im pretty sure that skin isnt the most expensive on the market anyways

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1 hour ago, Brown said:


If you go to his source for that (here) you get speculation based on cs:go odds. This post pulls from some actual data with a sample size of ~12k and puts the odds at 1,562,500, still insanely low but around 2/3 less than what that guy claims.

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  • 1 year later...

The most expensive thing I've ever owned is the Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Rocket Launcher. Its equivalent was about 80 keys at the time. I played a lot of Rust and traded the Australium Rocket Launcher for the AK-47 Alien Red for Rust. It was a fun time. I ended up having to sell my Alien Red on https://skincashier.com/sell-rust-skins since I was going to invest this money in cases from CS: GO. Now I do not regret it as their price has already increased more than 7 times. I don't even know what to expect in a couple of months.

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8 minutes ago, jewelljean said:

Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Rocket Launcher

1 - good to see you read the above posts

2 - congrats on your unusual australium, never heard of one of those before

3 - medi gun is more expensive than rocket launcher

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