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New unusual effect, Price suggestions please

Salmon Boi

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Did I hear offers? I will give you my electrostatic Frenchman’s beret and my eerie lightning oblooterated  for that taunt, your bubbling birdcage, and a key.



If you are interested my user is Nekroman37 

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dont listin what those geezer's just said wait out a good amount of time like a month tops, as this update has only been out for like a few days, you cant really get a price suggestion this early on a unu taunt of all things just keep it for now and watch the market for that taunt with that effect. See if any one sells it and if they do how much maybe you can already gage a general price for it get avg's and all that!

6 hours ago, Salmon Boi said:

Hi all, just got an unusualifier and pulled this little beauty out of it! has anyone got any price suggestions? or even better offers ;)


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