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Backpack.tf Pricing Event xmas 2019!

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Everyone get ready for a new pricing event! 


In a pricing event, you will be updating as many hats as possible together with your other team members. Whether you’re a suggestion veteran or completely inexperienced, everyone is welcome! Premium isn't required, we will make the teams as balanced as possible so each team will have members that already have premium. You can also at any time ask mods for item histories. As a bonus, all the (active) participants will receive a free month of backpack.tf premium and you will also receive site donation credit! There will also be $500 of marketplace.tf gift cards to be divided between the winners!


Please read the below carefully before posting, if your post does not include the required information you WILL NOT BE ENTERED.


Sign up rules:

-Your discord username (e.g. Erik#2641)
-Your timezone (e.g. GMT+2)
-Roughly how many hours you are able to participate a day.
-When you will be able to suggest (e.g. during the night, morning or all day etc).

The event will be held from Friday the 20th till Monday the 23rd. We will be handing out new objectives every day, these will be assigned to your teams. If you’d like, you can name a few people you’d like to be placed in a team with and we’ll try to do our best to group you. We can’t guarantee this however since the teams do need to remain balanced.

Please make sure you’re in the backpack.tf discord before signing up, this is a requirement. 


Users who are banned from the site or discord can not enter the event.

Make sure to sign up before the 18th 20:00 GMT+2 by posting your entry below, according to the sign up rules.

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🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

-Your discord username: 🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥#3122
-Your timezone: (GMT +3)
-Roughly how many hours you are able to participate a day: 10
-When you will be able to suggest (e.g. during the night, morning or all day etc): could be any of the mentioned options

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UTC + 2 (Berlin time)

Minimum 2-3 at best the entire day, dunno my schedule yet.

If the event starts at 8PM I'll be down till I'm too tired to continue. Rest of the days as I see fit and can cram everything in.

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GMT - 7

An amount of time between 1 - 6 hours/day

TBH, im so fucked with my sleep schedule that it could be any time


quality > quantity


A point that I should have said last time. Do NOT expect me to do a shit ton of suggestions like I use to.

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My discord username: Taco#7636

Time zone:

UTC +2 EET Eastern European Time


I can participate 1-3 hours if needed, can do up to 5

Best time would be somewhere in the middle of the day like 3 P.M (in my timezone), maybe earlier




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Discord User: Snoweh#7402

Timezone: CET

I'll participate almost the whole day if needed.

I won't be as active during the morning (aka 7am--11:50am) on the 20th

and a bit on the 23th during the morning.

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Timezone: CET


Honestly no idea, 2-3 hours a day if needed?

Prolly more in the afternoon and evening, but im sure as hell in it.


(if alberny is in this, i want to get into his team)

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2 hours

Evening(in mondays night)


And I would need some help I want to price suggest in this event but I don't know what things I need to do and I need to get in touch with some of advanced price suggestors to tell me about it...

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- US East (GMT -4)
- Anywhere from 2-6+ (depending on life events, other going ons, etc.)
- Anytime from mid afternoon into the later hours of night

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