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I want to delete my acount

Mater Loweis

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I was wondering how could I delte my backpack.tf profile. I have searched in settings and couldn't find any info or hints as to how I can delete my account.

If deleting my account can't be deleted, is there still a way to hide my profile or to change my name from it?


Thanks for your help

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4 minutes ago, SlamJam said:

I do assume you mean your backpack.tf forums profile.


Seeing how he made his forums account just for this thread (Account 40 min old, this thread is 36) I'm guessing he means his actual https://backpack.tf/u/76561198384960405 page


If you have a steam account you have a backpack.tf profile (Most won't have any info attached to it unless someone loads the page tho). They might be able to delete your backpack history so it just says "Private Inventory" and doesn't show any of your past items but that may be extremely difficult/impossible with how many items will have your account attached in the history.

You could change your steam name and that would update the next time your profile is loaded. Then change it back and hope no one ever searches for your profile again.


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