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unusual : Dead Presidents Voodoo Vizier Price.


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Worst effect in the game for marketability right now post-crate-depression and a spy hat. Maybe 13-16 for now, but that price is going to drop as more get unboxed. It being commando grade in a crate where you're very likely to get one of the two garbage-tier single class hats instead of the all-class bat hat might prevent people from unboxing that case however, so it might be a little while before another exists.

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As suggested by Scott, the current buy order on Steam Market would net you the equivalent of being able to buy ~16 keys after taxes, which I would be instantly taking if it were me for the following reasons:

1. The case is going to be spam unboxed still, more of these hats with crap effects will likely be dumped on buy orders, and so you'd better take it while you can

2. Dead Presidents will be hell to sell, and any extra profit you might get on such an obscure hat probably won't outweigh the time you spend doing so

3. The current sell orders on marginally better effects are somewhat close to those buy orders anyway (only around 2 keys higher), so there wouldn't be that much room for more profit anyway (again, the buy orders will sink as more crap effects get inevitably unboxed)


TL;DR Sell on Steam Market while you still can (unless you genuinely love the hat)

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