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Steam Glitch?


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So about 2 hours before this post I traded for a Terror-Watt Rebel Rouser. I bought it for 7 keys and a few ref. I went to deposit it on mp.tf and confirmed it was their bot and all that and sent the trade. It was processing as i left my pc and I went afk for about an hour. I come back looking at mp.tf and it wasn't their. Checked trade history and it said it was canceled. I check my inventory and gone. To rule out hijacking I checked my trade history and most recent trade is the trade I made for the unusual. I check bp.tf and it is their as of less than a minute ago. Is this some sort of glitch on steams part? Thanks


my bp: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198148836514

Unusual history: https://backpack.tf/item/7956587720

Image of my most recent trade:unknown.png

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