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Secret to Everybody SnS

Hugh Jazz

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1 of 1 in the world. It's on outpost now.
Offers include overpay
B/O 9 buds
- Vin. Cube Pin (11 buds) (not sure this counts?)
- Ghosts Rubber Glove + Circ. Hearts Private Eye (4.6 buds)
- Burning Flames Festivizer + 2.5 keys in sweets (2.7 buds)

Previous owner
Apparently offered Flaming Lantern Bonk Boy (7.6 buds)
- 13th Hour Conquistador (2.7 buds)
- Knifestorm Doctor's Sack (idk)
- Steaming Ushanka + Blizzardy Hound Dog + Max Head (3.66 buds)
B/O 10 buds
- 3 buds

Sold for Burning Flames Milkman 1:1 (6.9-8.7 buds)
Backpack at 11/3
Backpack at 12/3

Got all this proof. What's the best suggestion here guys? I'm noob at unusual pricing.
Just realized that the milkman was duped.

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