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Update 'Rules for Non-Unusual Suggestions'


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This is aimed specifically at the rule regarding rounding, rather than the entire thread. However, it may be the case that there are other parts of the rules that could do with an update.


From the rules, it states the following:



I'd like to recommend that this is updated, so that higher valued non-unusual items should be rounded to the nearest key Especially when you have sales that aren't for pure, rounding to such a precise figure hinders far more than it helps. The rules were written a long time ago and if you've spent even a short amount of time browsing the list of new suggestions, it's pretty much agreed upon by suggesters and mods alike to round these higher prices to a whole number. The rules should therefore be updated to reflect this.


Here's a few examples of accepted suggestions that were rounded:





Consensus that people agree and feel an update is warranted:




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