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Pricing Unusual Weapon


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So I just bought a hot iron bomber, and I wanted to price it. I managed to price an unusual hat before, but I tried on a weapon and it failed... Any tips for pricing it? Or anyone that can tell me what to do for the suggestion? (or someone that can make the suggestion?🤷‍♂️)






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Totally Boned

My man.


https://discord.gg/j7cMkGF - invite link to the backpack.tf discord - last time I checked it has a place for getting help with making your own price suggestions.


Otherwise, there's tons of people that would gladly make a suggestion for free for you if you just wait a little bit.

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4 hours ago, Keks said:

Yeah, the price you bought it for, aka 34 keys

its probably gonna be harder for you to get more because totally boned is a bad skin

I'm not really looking to sell this, I just want it to have a price really. I appreciate the honesty though.

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