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Best all class unusual for 30-40 keys?


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I decided to get back into trading, and I’m about to get 40 keys soon.

With some of those, I plan to buy an all class unusual I’ll keep for a good price.

Any suggestions?

(Feel free to plug ur stuff, you probably would’ve done that anyway)

Also could someone give me the link to the backpack.tf discord?

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As I always suggest in these kind of things, figure out the cosmetic loadout you like first, then get an unusual version of that hat. No sense in getting a hat you'll never use.

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2 hours ago, Xorpik said:

https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Human Cannonball/Tradable/Craftable/10


Purple Energy Human Cannonball


I have no idea how this hat has dropped so low. It's no god-tier by any means, but 44 keys seems like a no-brainer for anyone trying to get their hands on a cheap all-class hat with a good effect.

 the crate depression most likely, but pairs well enough with a maxs head so decent hat


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