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👔Professional designer opening for commissions🎨


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Hey, my name's ale, I'm really eager to start doing commissions for you guys.

My discord is alejandro#7369 !!!

check my artstation!

Over 10 years of experience with design, designs published by the Valve store, vector art expertise, and meme knowledge, ok too much about me, here's the important part:


Straight to the meat🥩


These are NOT done using SFM, this is drawn!

Be sure to add me if you're interested!

Feel free to offer items, too! keys only ensure that I'll accept, but you can offer anything else, the worst I can say is no thank you. Engage in negotiation!


Some of my latest commissions done


Enigma Risotto.

Commission done for Enigma, I love Jojo so doing this was so damn cool and I'd love doing something similar again, total price of 16 keys

format of 1400x2000px





Yoshitsune (Persona 5).

Commission done for Hal, I went overboard with detail for this one, and I think it was absolutely worth it, perhaps one of the most demanding works I've made!

Extra large format of 2560x1440px




Commission done for Hal, I really like this one a whole lot, very meaningful to me tbh.

Extra large format of 2560x1440px



Neon Hypebeast.

Commission done for Thornton Man, I've always loved the neon city aesthetic, so needless to say this was a pleasure.



An Armory Inspection.

Commission done for Hal, definitely one of my most complex projects, loved every second of doing it tbh. Wish more clients asked for more complex stuff like this! Total of 35 keys.

Extra large format of 2560x1440px



Southern Hospitality.

Commission done for Hal, again, another large scale project comprised of a complex scene that I absolute loved, total of 35 keys.

Extra large format of 2560x1440px




Ghost Off Noire

Commission done for Just Navlis, I absolutely loved working on this one, creative, different, and so cool, not an everyday piece for sure! total of 17 keys.

Medium format of 800x800px



G1 Domo.

Commission done for Domo, dynamic and really fun, had a great time posing, and a great challenge assembling the effects.

Large format of 1200x1200px

Added a wallpaper version at request, nothing extra was charged for it.



Titan, fearsome pirate.

Commission done for Titan, really fun to do! Medium size waist-up + medium detail background, for a total of 10 keys.


Medium format of 850x850px

Did both Blu and Red versions as a treat, nothing extra was charged for it.




Fanman AKA Skittles

Commission done for Fanman (Skittles) and honestly one of my favorite pieces that I've done.

Large format of 1500x1350px

Did both Blu and Red versions as a treat, nothing extra was charged for it.



Feury's Nekros (WARFRAME)

Made for a friend, love u Feury. Complex background, full body, for a total of $40

Large format of 1230x1600px

Not TF2 related, but still very cool! displaying it to show that TF2 is not my limit, I can work in other stuff too, just add me to discuss.


🔽 click on it to see it at its fullest, forum compresses it 🔽



"Study of a Historic Documentation on an Economic Crisis" or "Aftermath of the Crate Depression: Unusual Tribulation"

Finished on the 13th of September, proud of this one


Large format of 3100x2100px (on the original)

Adobe Fireworks CS6

No tablet, just mouse. (These two apply for most of my works)




Lucien: for Eggsy

Shoutout to @dichromaticegg  on instagram, made this for an entry in their contest, got first place! lots of love ur way, Eggsy❤.

For example, I would treat this basically as a medium waist-up with a simple background, therefore just 8 keys!



Thanks for reading🍌

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Thanks! those sorts of comments are really welcome, they mean so much even after a long time doing this; also thank you for mentioning that and making me clarify in the post that I can also accept other sorts of items, not only keys, I hadn't thought about it for some reason. Anyways, always glad to make work people can appreciate.

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1 hour ago, Goliac said:

Don’t get me wrong but i’ve seen people doing these for much cheaper and their art are also as good as yours. 19 keys is just insane for this kind of thing.

Go buy cheaper said art then. It is his pricing, no need to criticize it. 

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If I had any advice for you, I would probably just make it cheaper. You have really great artwork and you would probs get more sales if you made it cheaper! Just some advice :D

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🤔I appreciate the comments, guys, I surveyed some friends and thought the price was alright, been away from the TF2 market a long time, so it's actually nice to get some cnc on the pricing. I'll revise it, knock it down a couple keys here and there, and get a discount running to get this thing rolling. Thanks for the comments, btw, it's always ok as long as it's well spirited, which I'm sure the comments are, dw🤗

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I'm going to be travelling for a couple of days, but I'll try my best to remain active, just a small heads up in case I don't reply within the usual time!

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Everytime i see people like you i kinda get jealous, those pictures are amazing and absolutely mind blowing. (i cant even draw a straight line)


I really like the ghost of noir but probably because i like rainy "myth" pictures :D


Good luck with selling and dont mind the price, quality has its price :D

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just came back from hiatus, guys, if you had added me and I didn't reply please do so again as I was taking some days off, thanks!

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It's a sad day for the TF2 community and the gaming community as a whole, one glorious bastard has passed of Covid, Rick May, our beloved Soldier's voice actor is gone from this world but never forgotten; so for today, to honor him, Soldier commissions will be priced at a heavy discount. May he rest in peace.


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Updated the gallery section - had left it unattended for a while as I was REALLY overworked and I'm freed up now and ready to receive your commissions!

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