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Help. Not sure where to post game key auctions/bids/giveaway/charity stuff..


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I have lots of steam game keys and game gifts that i have acquired over the years and i am wishing to dispense them for the smallest fee/bid to brighten the lives of other people.

Which would be the correct thread to advertise game key distribution/sales/bidding etc?. Unfortunately due to my younger brother going all tits up in the scrap.tf forums once a long time ago i cannot enter into auctions in any form due to community ban. Any advice? :D

First person to respond with a valid answer and there trade URL gets this for free ( Audio Surf ) 3.5 Key value :Dhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/dgrayster/inventory/#753_1_1751068858359079374

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Well for giving them away, General Gaming is probably the correct choice, but auctions/selling them off should probably just go under Team Fortress 2 Item Trading. The forum rules for the item trading section say not to sell accounts but that "CD Keys are less of an issue, but you should still be extra cautious when buying them.", so this would imply that you are allowed to advertise selling the game keys, but just that users should exercise caution.



https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=87675857&token=q_z2-00t sure

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5 hours ago, DanielDee said:

Just waiting on confirmation. Thanks Dang :D The package has been delivered.

the above post is correct. account trading is not allowed, selling steam codes is and would be done in the item trading section (or cash trading if you're selling them for cash)

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Thanks for the response Guys. Just to make sure. If i made a thread in item trading for say a steam gift / game serial key and said the price starts at 5 ref and the highest bidder/poster wins after 24 to 72 hours that would be allowed?

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i suspect tho that this wouldnt be appreciated from a server load perspective if ive got people spamming 5 6 7 8 9 REF GLA etc in the thread. this isnt a bingo site :D lolz

Is it permisable to post a link to a discussion group on valve related to tf2 that is? I guess there is one way i could make it work and not overload the server is if i putin a request to the devs. After the first OP posts and there is a reply to a forum detail with a trade url it auto locks down? Wouldbe nice feature. You could even develope it into more like one shot quick quiz's? >) with other steps

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