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Ban on Marketplace.tf for no reason V2


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So I got banned on mp.tf for absolutely no reason. When I'd told the admins about it they said that they couldn't do anything about it until I resolved my ban on SteamRep. But apparently SteamRep is only responsible for SteamRep bans, my reputation is just neutral there, I'm only banned on mp.tf.


So can anyone tell me whose responsibility it is to deal with my ban now? 


PS: Great policy going on there on mp.tf, banning people for no reason and then letting them know they can't do anything about it and just send you to a site that isn't even responsible. 


And please don't just close this thread again telling me to handle this issue with mp.tf as they're obviously unable to be of any assistance at all. 


I just want a fair method to get rid of a ban based on such ridiculous and nonsense reasons. 


Despite mp.tf reserving the right to ban any user for any reason + without even providinig a reason (their Terms of Use) it's beyond my understanding how this is fair or just towards long-term users like me who just get unfairly banned without any actual rights to appeal against that decision. 

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Once again, backpack.tf is a different website and can't do anything about your marketplace.tf ban. Stop making threads about it here.

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