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premium search tips?


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I'm sure this must be covered somewhere, but just signed up for premium today, and want to do a search for all (recent) hats with a certain effect.


But when I try it says I must pick a particular hat.


I'm sure there must be a way, since all the sharks find the new good hat owners right away. I am just curious how often certain Halloween effects get unboxed, etc.


Anyway, if this is not the exact right sub-forum, please direct me to the right spot so my premium search-fu will become strong.



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45 minutes ago, Flamadin said:

That makes sense then. Search by hat it is. I was curious how many stare from beyond were unboxed last event.

Zero Stare From Beyonds unboxed last year because that effect wasn't unboxable last year - you could only get the Violet Vermin case effects.

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