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Is it possible to get bots to work in Arena gamemode?


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It looks like it's... almost possible


I go to create server, load up arena badlands, add 11 bots (since its 6v6) and off we go, it doesn't work. So I search solutions online, do sv_cheats 1 and nav_generate and it loads the new server, for some reason now a 1v1 with a bot but thats okay. The bot is still in spawn, so i kill them and then use nav_mesh to see if a path was made and there was. Yay right? No. Bots are still in spawn.

BUT there was hope, I went to cap mid and that's when I saw both engineers had come out of spawn to, what I assume was to build something on point or defend or something, so I killed the blue engi (self-preservation) while the other one ran round trying to find a place to build something. That's when after I capped, the medic comes out to heal me and then ALL THE BOTS PLAYED THE MAP NORMALLY for the 10 seconds after the win. So they can walk around the map they just, for some reason choose not to during the map, but after I cap and it says "flawless victory" they run round and fight each other like normal.

It seems like.. it's possible from that but, I have no idea.


(Bolded the important parts)

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I had this problem with a spawn room on my map, the nav mesh had shown paths existing but for some reason they all just ran into a corner so I ended up remaking that entire area of the mesh to get them working.



Just tried nav mesh shenanigans and deleting all the door things in spawn with no luck. Didn't add a visualizer but my map was pretty broken when I tested it, probs got a jank decompile. Google says bots don't work on arena mode period.

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16 minutes ago, JayTee said:


Hmm, so if someone went into hammer and added one to arena_badlands, maybe it'd work...

already done, its called koth_badlands

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