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Pricing Event 2019 Results!


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Results are in!


With over 600 hats updated in less than 3 days this event was a great success. It was great seeing people stepping up and being leaders, newcomers learning the basics and later the ins and outs. The teams had a great chemistry overall and I’ve seen amazing teamwork this event.


So, let’s skip to the part where everyone has been waiting for…


First place - $150 marketplace.tf credit and a winners badge on your backpack.tf profile.


With the highest amount of suggestions accepted and barely any mistakes, the winners of the 2019 Pricing Event are Team 5! Team 5 was truly great to watch. Working together on lots of suggestions and putting a lot of work in. You guys did an impressive job this event. A well deserved first place!


Second place - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a runners up badge on your backpack.tf profile.


This was a close one, however Team 6 were the winners of this prize! Team 6 also had great teamwork. Many newcomers in this team actively participated and put much effort in to accomplish this. You guys also did a great job this event, so a well deserved prize!


Mod’s Choice: Quality - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a mod’s choice badge on your backpack.tf profile.


This prize is for the team that delivered suggestions of the highest quality. After a bit we came to the conclusion this prize should go to Team 7! The layout of the suggestions, mini’s, effort put in and all the sales thoroughly worked out is what made you deserve this prize!


Mod’s Choice: Teamwork - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a mod’s choice badge on your backpack.tf profile.


After spending some time with each of the teams in their channel and voicechat, we decided that this prize should be going to Team 1! Team 1 did an amazing job on involving every single team member as much as possible. While plenty of other teams came close, we felt like Team 1 took the lead eventually by showing their great teamwork.


Best Leader - $25 marketplace.tf credit and a badge on your backpack.tf profile.


This event there were quite a few people who definitely stood out as a great team leader. However there was 1 person who stood out the most. The best leader award this event will be going to Shuffle Spy! Shuffle Spy lead his team to victory by getting everyone involved, teaching them everything there is to know about suggestions, taking the time for this and overall showing great leadership skills during the event.



Best Newcomer - $25 marketplace.tf credit and a badge on your backpack.tf profile.


There were a lot of amazing newcomers this event. There were a lot of people we considered for this prize but it eventually went to Pootis-Man! He blew us away with how he was able to pick up on suggesting in such short time. He was eager to learn and by the end of the event, was able to submit flawless suggestions on taunts with dozens of sales.  



Participation prizes – donation credit and premium.


Every active participants will keep their premium, this is for a whole month! In addition to a free month of premium you will also receive donation credit. The amount you will receive is $0.10 for every point your team has scored!


Total amount of points:


Team 5


Team 6


Team 9


Team 1


Team 3


Team 4


Team 2


Team 7


Team 8



I would like to give a big shoutout to the price moderators for spending a lot of their time reviewing the dozens of suggestions that were submitted. I also want to thank the admins, teeny and woifi, for helping me hosting this event.


Secondly, a major thanks to the incredibly generous Geel and Jesse who made these prizes available for everyone!


And ofcourse thanks to everyone who participated. All of your efforts and contributions combined got an amazing 600 hats with 1+ year outdated prices updated in just 3 days! I hope everyone learned something, had fun and hopefully will participate again in a future event!

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This bumfuck middle class kid couldn’t be prouder of our team. Big thanks to shuffle and for all of the staff for believing in me. Fun event.  

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And also just a reminder to thank the price moderator who took their dedicated time to check each and every submission for the event, Without them this event wouldn't be possible.


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