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Krabbz #Dream_Unusual

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I have been wanting to get better at sfm, I have also wanted to know how to make a movement and video editor video on how to make a SFM Video, If there is any tips or links that you could give me to help me be better It will be highly appreciated



^ Constructive Criticism below :3

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  • Create New camera (Default one sucks)
  • Add depth of field / blurring (Depends on shot)
  • Rule of Thirds.
  • Creativity (You seem to have it so yay)


If I were to make your poster I would have the camera facing the heavy, focused on the objects in the background straight ahead with a slight blur to give focus to the items.

Lol if I know anything about the motion editor. I hate that thing.




Add Alex, the gawd of SFM



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