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I need help recovering from a scam.

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A few days ago I fell for a scam, and lost all of my tradable TF2 inventory. Thankfully I have an item that isn't tradable until this Saturday that is worth ~1.05 keys. How should I approach my recovery? I had an inventory with over $50 of items. I'm still fighting the shock of my stupidity and the reality of the situation still hasn't fully set in. I've already done the precautions to secure my account, revoking an unknown API Key, and changing my password. Tbh, my greatest loss is my taunts. They were my preferred way of interaction, and I could care less about the weapons I had. The worst part of this situation was that I had completed my collection of taunts and cosmetics. i also have a bit of a trust issue after that, so I will be slow and suspicous of anything. I hope you all understand and I will accept any help, albeit it with a grain of salt. Thank you. 

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If you want to recover fast, the best way is to just pay the money to get back. You did not lose a $50 inventory, you lost a $20 one (and that clan pride is only worth 12 refined, not a full key).


Spend 20 bucks on keys and you'll have more than enough to replace all your taunts and cosmetics.

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