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50 keys for my DBD Neptune's Nightmare; should I take it or not?


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All buy orders for these have been taken down. Trading seems to be on a decline; worth it selling?


Edit: Eh whatever I'm done with trading. Worth it for me.

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seems like a win-win, DBD is one of the effects of the ''Crate Depression''(expect a huge supply of that effect if exploit unusuals become tradeables) , but those halloween/graded hats are tending to raise the price. by far i can deduce that person who sent the offer know the market and planning keep it/hide for a long time.

if you're done with trade take it.

if you have no problem with keep it its good too.


it's a good price, not bad, not awesome, just a good one :D i feel it more like well paid than a quicksell.

btw take another advices, not only mine :) 


have a nice day and enjoy all the decisions you take :D

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