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Free poster for most creative idea

szyмiв  вuying_cards

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Hey there, for some time I'm doing SFM work - mostly practicing posing, lightning and Photoshop skills.
As I'm in lack of ideas on next posters, I'd like to make a mini-competition here.
The most creative idea on poster gets his idea done by me :D

Put in comment any details you got in your head. I'm also working hardly on hand-drawn unusual effects, so unusuals are welcome.
Make sure your idea isn't too complex - I'm still a beginner and don't want to spend too much time on one work!

Adding some of my previous artwork for you to rate it!













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You know the costanza.jpg meme? That, but as Scout with the Atomizer or Sandman



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Pyro gently floating down an area with floating mini islands that are filled with Pyroland items like candy, giant lollipop trees, etc. with the background a colorful surreal look

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On 7/7/2019 at 7:20 PM, such a lovely face said:

"Wake the heck up, Samurai" but in SFM would look interesting

I totally think it does :D
My first idea was to make an animation, but figured out I'm not too good at it





Edit: The competition have theoretically ended, but if anybody gives more crazy ideas I like, I'm ready to do that too anytime soon :D 

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