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Making SFM Arts


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Avatar: 6 Refineds (1920x1080 JPEG/PNG)

Character Only: 9 Refineds (1920x1080 JPEG/PNG)

Poster: 12 Refineds (1920x1080 or 1080x1920 JPEG/PNG)


* I'm usually available at weekends.

* It normally takes 3 days, so, please, be patient

* English isn't my country's language, so, who can get triggered easily because of my grammar, It's better not to even contact me

* I would recommend to not look at my old posts, because most of them are kinda ugly xD

* I make for a variety of games, but sometimes I can't, because SFM has it's limitations of each character (Games that I already made: CS:GO; TF2; BF1; R6S)


My profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrStarBlue/


Examples with my SFM'S (Image quality is bad because I can't upload more than 0.5MB, normally each PNG Poster is 5MB):


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