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Taking SFM Commissions!


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Hello, i am opening commissions on here (There open 24/7 anyway). I am a SFM Artist. I make posters ranging from profile pictures, Load-out Showcases, Scene Posters, Action Posters, Workshop Banners/Thumbnails, and Story Posters. Most of my work I usually don't upload to my profile so some of my artwork is a bit old but recently i started to.  If you would like one, leave a comment here and ill add you on steam. My Profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/LNighty

♯ Prices ♯



More Examples Can be found on my Artwork Page here - https://steamcommunity.com/id/LNighty/images/

My Specs, I have low specs, I avg out 7 fps however I don't let this stop me while doing your posters

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7 hours ago, Lightning Gunne said:

I wonder how you'd do with this monstrosity: 


Well, that is a lot. Iv should of mentioned I got low specs but I forgot to, I usually get 10 fps at the start of making and when finishing around 5. I hope to improve that because I will be buying a better gpu in some upcoming weeks. My cpu is fine but gpu isn't. 


Facial expressions, these are probably the hardest counting on SFM doesn't really give support for It a lot nor do they label the facial bones either, there's like 40 of them. They have bones but to difficult cause i got to mess with each one


Map, Ill have to see if I can find one but I do got a long desert map that looks like rivalry rush a bit

For for Injured people you listed I should be able to work something out to make them look injured 


Overall, Most likely i can do it but its probably gonna crash me or if i dont have all the resources for it aka, map, cosmetics, poses, scene props, etc. Fps is a problem counting I average 7 however I usually get through it Iv dealt with this problem for almost a year. Like I said I hope to improve cause I'll be looking at gpus in some upcoming weeks

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