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How much should i price my posters? Fixed links now


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29 minutes ago, Keks said:

a couple of refined metal, like 10 ref is what id pay


a whopping 40 cents? chill out mr. bezos sheesh


I think 1 key is a fair price for simpler posters if you're starting out. Even if others think that's too high your still dedicating your time and skills to make art you know... SFM ain't that easy to work with.


As you become more experienced and get more customers you can start charging higher. 



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Life as an SFM poster maker is hard, but I'd give you a key for the work, yes.

Also, it used to be arround 10 ref, back when ref was a little more expensive, so I guess he referenced to that.

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Asking for a key is a little much, I know a few people who make sfms of this quality for 20 ref and people who make better quality sfms for about a key. 

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I agree, a key is too much. Yes SFM is hard (Ik cause im a sfm artist myself) but a key is 3$+ it's raising with Ref. 10 Ref is a good area to start in if your experienced. If your starting off go bit lower. If your highly experienced go higher. I'd only charge a key if I'm doing a big project + photoshop 




a poster like this id charge 10 Ref for



15 ref for this one



Overall the prices are set by how much effort, time and passion you feel you put into it. Also not bad posters, you seem to know custom posing which is the most handy tool besides shadows. I recommend how to learn to do advance lighting

Note all examples showed are made by me(I didn't steal them) 

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