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Doing SFM Commissions, for a range of prices


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Hey, all. I've been doing SFM Commissions for friends and randoms on TF2's lovely casual servers. I figured, though, that I do want to try and garner a bit more in the way of business, so I'm putting up an advert here on these forums. One minor difference in how I price my posters is I don't have a direct price for the type of poster - rather, I charge more depending on how complex the poster is. 

You can find the price guide here: The Price Guide (Featuring details on processes and other tidbits)

You can also add me, here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sirsnivy/ (Bare in mind that I may be a little on edge when first greeting you - I've been swindled one too many times and I'd rather be careful than very, very open)


I offer multiple ways to pay, the main ones being refined metal and item overpay. As an optional but very welcome form of payment you can also pay through paypal, although (and I tend to explain this often) that is a price-markup-thing on its own and isn't directly connected/related to the existing metal/item prices. 


You can also find examples in the price guide, but I'll list a few here as links since they're too large for the forums:





Last but not least, while I will keep checking back here for responses I'd much prefer if you add me to discuss your poster directly. 

EDIT: I live in Australia. Essentially timezones are stupid so if you go to add me and I don't respond at all don't worry, just give it a day or two and i'll accept it when the times in my zone are good.





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For whatever reason this image worked (the others won't though).

Anywho, here's Box Truck's Basic Poster com.:



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