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Can i trust tf2zone?

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This guy is interested in my unusual but wants the stats from tf2zone, and so far from my 5 minute google search it seems legit.


Should i trust it?

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In the future if you have someone telling you to log in on unknown / sketchy sites just use this site - https://www.scamadviser.com/ .

You shouldnt rely 100% on this site to see if the site is legit or not, but take in mind that there is no sites to see the "item details", to "Give you free items" or gambling sites where "the owner" makes you win the prize every week. Thats all bs.

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7 hours ago, Engineer Bot #6 said:

RIP if he already sold it


i haven't

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Looking at the registar details its just a reskin of mannco.trade so in all respects it will be run by either the owner of mannco.trade or they sold there source code to someone else to use.


Login looks authentic ISH and theres no dodgey creation of a fake toolbar with ssl details which are locked (uneditable) but strangely the Open ID login is actually dodgey upon deeper checking. Instead of using steams openid portion of the steam website they obfuscate the usage of open id on there own domain so are definately up to something. Example when logging into backpack you get this page load to utilize openid

Tf2zones looks like this:

If you look at the 2nd one there is definate doctoring of the page loadout with the realm parameter and obfuscated use of open ID on tf2zone itself so i would avoid using that website all together.

One other thing to note is tf2zone is literally 3 days old so you will not find much info about the website.


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import requests
import random
import time

def generate():
    return "".join([
        for x in range(8)
def spam():
    except requests.ConnectionError as error:

while True:

I'm currently running this python script that spams their server with randomly generated usernames and passwords. I hope this will cause their steam API keys to get banned for attempting too many logins or something.


This is 100% definitely a scam site.

edit: NICE! they got obliterated by something. I hope not too many people fell for it while it lasted.

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Melancholy Sky

Reported the domain for fraud to namecheap if I hear back from them I'll update this but for now hopefully the site will get taken down soon. 

Edit -

Looks like the site died and is now just returning a blank page 

Edited by Melancholy Sky

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