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♡ Popmel's Icon Commissions ♡


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♡♡ Commission are CLOSED ♡♡



Hi there!! I'm Popmel, but you can call me Kitty, i'm starting up some small icon commissions

and this page is the information regarding said commissions. If you are interested in commissioning me,

please read down below and then contact me, thank you! 


Commission Slots Available: 3/3


 All icons will be available in circle and or square form, all 400x400pix 


♤ I M P O R T A N T ♤
I will only accept money via Paypal or pure TF2 keys!
Payment must be paid full beforehand, i will not start and or reserve your commission slot for you if you do not do so.
Refund is not acceptable if progress has already started unless a problem has occurred and i am no longer able to finish your commission.
Please do not rush me and or check up on your commission every second, this will hinder the process of said commission.
Don't beg and or please for free art, i will ignore you.
I will try and communicate with you the best i can with updates on your commission, i will send you a sketch beforehand before i finish it.


YES: Animal, OC, Game characters, Furry, Mild gore, Mecha
NO: NSFW ((Nudity, sexual outfits and or poses, controversial gestures and or symbols)), Intense gore, Abuse, Satanic


◇ S K E T C H  I C O N S ◇
     3 TF2 Keys // $6.00
     Flat colors only, no shading
     Chibi and Semi-chibi only
     No extras


♧ F L A T  C O L O R  I C O N S ♧
     6 TF2 Keys // $10.00
     Flat colors, slight shading if desired
     Chibi, Semi-Chibi only, Detailed if character isnt too detailed
     Small extras allowed


□ F U L L  D E T A I L E D  I C O N S □
    10 TF2 Keys // $15.00 
     Detailed coloring, Lighting, Cell shading, etc
     Chibi, Semi-Chibi, Detailed
     All extras allowed


○ E X T R A S ○
     1 TF2 Key // $2.00
     More than 1 person
     Unusual effects
     Textures over artwork


☆ O R D E R I N G ☆
Please make sure you have the money before commissioning.
Contact me saying that you are here for commission, i will ignore you if you do not do so.
Specify what type of icon you would like and what is in it.
Once payment is received, i will get started on your commission.
Time will vary between 3 days to a week and a half depending what you have picked and what is going on in life.
I will send your commission to you via social media you have contacted me through.


♡ C O N T A C T  I N F O R M A T I ON ♡
Instagram ((Best))
Tumblr ((Best))
Steam ((Poppermelon))

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11 minutes ago, yerrow said:

Added for a commish.

please add me again, i think i just accidentally clicked decline, im so sorry

edit: my mistake i added you lol

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