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Is that person safe to trade with?


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Yep, looks okay. 

His Steam-rep is all green and his inventory is public which is always a good sign. You should be good to go :)

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according to my research,he seems ok.alt of the previous person/bot which isnt banned or anything but wait for more answers.i could be wrong

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11 minutes ago, humann said:

just an alt, an scammer alt

can you state the reason onto how the following person is a scammer?

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59 minutes ago, Diamond jozu said:

can you state the reason onto how the following person is a scammer?


The account was created about a week ago, but contained all those keys and unusuals. It's clearly an alt.

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It does seem questionable. They have almost no friends, and all their items appear to have been filtered through at least a couple of "bots" that provide zero info about what site or user they're associated with. They have a huge turnover in items, with almost nothing sticking around from one inventory check to the next, and they're not making actual steam trades, since there is no rhyme or reason to how much value comes in or goes out.


*Correction, they are making steam trades (see compare link), but clearly also dumping value back and forth from some other account or bots



I personally wouldn't.


That said, clearly some users don't have a problem with it, and a user with a pretty well-established backpack has done trades with them. You'd most likely get away with it, even if they are an alt, because there isn't much evidence one way or the other.


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the person before the fake bot, has a desc in his profile saying "(I have recently been scammed out of my most expensive items so any donations will be cared for)"







he's constantly getting a TON of items coming from different fake bots







he's getting, and making that many trades, that the compare links coming from him are completely broken, because he's probably selling for keys and then selling the keys for cash

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