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Trading bot issues.

Coral Fumes

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Good morning Backpack.tf Community! I'd like to discuss today on the topic on trading bots. 


I've noticed in the past few days that a lot of automated bot accounts are selling craft hats at just outrageous prices and I believe this is a real issue, even if temporary. 

Example 1: Wartime Warmth, a misc worth 2 refined, being sold at 13.11. Keep in mind that the strange variant is worth around 14 refined.

Example 2: Stylish DeGroot, another misc worth 1.88 refined, being sold at 1.28 keys.


Links to screenshots:




I really believe this is something to be discussed. I also don't believe this is a forceful attempt at raising the prices for otherwise cheap miscs. 

And if anyone knows why this is even an issue to begin with I'd love to hear.





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That's absolutely normal, bots usually try to match the other people/bots offers when buying/selling, if for some reason an item runs out of sellers and the only remaining sell classifieds on that item are painted or spelled variants then when the bot checks at what price other people and bots are selling it, the only ones it will find are those high price variants and think that it must be its current price and sell it for that amount even tho it isn't painted nor anything. Usually this doesn't go on for long periods of time, normally the prices goes back to what they are supposed to be in few hours or even minutes.

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5 minutes ago, D.Alex said:

I've seen more intesting cases with 2000+% of usual price: https://imgur.com/sEOkrnF


Yeah, probably there was no sellers at the time and the only one/ones for sale were super rare variants that costed a lot, bots must have thought that it was its current price because of being the only one/ones for sale.

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2 hours ago, Goliac said:

I’m probably gonna get hate for this but bots are seriously ruining the economy, especially for lower valued items.

Because you think as a trader, if you think as a "normal user" would you rather send a trade request for a worthless item and wait hours for it to be accepted or would you like to send a trade request to a bot and have it accepted 10 seconds later?

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