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Alex got hijacked, be careful.


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oh man, what the hell


zaterdag 8 februari 2014

22:08 - Essoplerck: Stupid auto correct

zondag 9 februari 2014

15:55 - Alex From Security â„¢:  - link to a virus -  - Dude explain these photos please..

15:55 - Essoplerck: fuck, are you hijacked?


is he hijacked now? this cant be true!

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I've talked with http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/228195 - current owner of the gallon

it seems he genuinely didn't know about the hat being hijacked and bought it from an account that stated they were selling "scorching fedora stash gallon for real cheap pure prices" without checking anything

Anyway, it seems he'll talk to either shadow #1 or BSoD about it

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