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B/S>Items profiles that have art by @raxeno and the same bio


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I've now had four add me in 8 hours

Here are the profiles, obvious scammer alts (same bio, similar pictures made by the same person, no hours, no friends (or minimal ones) private bp never searched, similar urls etc)







Just be weary if you see profiles like this, hopefully the people who wouldn't realise (so noobs :P ) will see this and stay away from these profiles.

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when I accepted the 2nd and 3rd duplicate accounts out of curiosity, and gave the old faithful "why did you add me?" they simply unfriended me without a word and kept randomly adding others

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I got added by 6 of those stupid alts in the past day.


The gall of the owner of these alts to come here to shitpost and attempt his scams here on the forums lmao

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