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What are your weapon loadouts?


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Mine are:

Scout: Strange Civil Servant Mk.II, Strange Pretty Boy's, atomizer

Soldier: Strange Horror Holiday RL, Strange Totally Boned Shotgun, escape plan

Pyro: Strange Carbonado FT, Strange Totally Boned Shotgun, Strange Powerjack

Demo: Strange Civic Duty Mk.II GL, Strange Carbonado SbL, Ullapool Caber

Heavy: Strange Carbonado Minigun, Sandvich, Bread Bite

Engineer: Strange Totally Boned Shotgun, Homemade Heater Pistol, Gunslinger

Medic: Crusader's Crossbow (festivised), Stock Medi Gun, Festive Ubersaw

Sniper: Strange Sniper Rifle (name: boom headshot, description: probably wasn't a headshot cuz I'm terrible at aiming)

Spy: Strange Revolver, Festive Knife, Quackenbirdt, Strange Red Tape Recorder


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I don't have a preset weapons loadout; I just switch to either whatever the situation calls for or what I feel like playing that day.

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