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Reporting broken bots

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  • Notice a report about bot not accepting trade offer
  • Check this bot and see that it is indeed broken (offline on Steam, backpack snapshots not changing for days)
  • Find out (even though it's a bot) that Report Mods are only allowed to use 24-hours-not-accepted rule
  • Realize that buying something from this bot is not an option because you won't be able to use those keys/ref for 24 hours
  • Look through bot's listing trying to find an item with small difference in buy/sell prices to minimize your losses
  • Buy that item from some other bot, send a trade offer for broken bot's Buy Order
  • Make screenshots, wait 24 hours, make more screenshots, submit them
  • Wait 5 more days, see report somehow getting closed with the wrong conclusion
  • Create 2 new  reports: for this and also for other broken bot from the same owner
  • Wait 12 days, finally get the listings of both bots removed
  • A couple of weeks later notice one of the bots having its 350 listings again
  • Perform those  "look / buy / send offer" steps
  • 20 hours later accidentially deposit your item to Marketplace.tf meaning you have to start all other again
  • Give up

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the screenshot rule is kinda dumb, because I can easily change locally the html code to show false information, like this


that's why I didin't make a screenshot BEFORE I sent to Freezy a trade offer (buyer who always change his prices, ignore the trade offers, etc, etc) . Because I thought that bp.tf has the past prices of the buy orders or something like that.

He didin't got bannned for ignoring the trade offer and changing the price, because I didint make that screenshot lmao.

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none of the bot.tf bots infestation trade with me because I'm 'a scammer'


I defy someone to explain why thats ok


they even like to link rep.tf as to why I'm a 'scammer'; my rep.tf is all greens



bots that fail should suffer much longer lasting, if not permanent, bans from spamming their useless listings

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