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I have been banned for something I didn't do, plz help!

Agent Easters

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Hello backpack.tf forums,


First off I would like to ask for the "un-bandment" of my account on backpack.tf and i have good reason to. One, I had been banned for phishing (by user named "A Distinct Lack of Vincent") in which i had no intent or ever attempted to acquire any sensitive information from other users. Two, I am relativity new to the backpack.tf community (as in using other than price check) and now I just want to be an semi-active user because I have learned how the meaning of prices in TF2.


Thank you

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Go there.


However you were not banned by Steamrep so you must have commented it on a price suggestion or something.

So yeah. 

Don't waste their time if you know it is justified.

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